Landscape Workshops in the English Lake District

The Courses that I run for between 1 - 3 people are designed to totally meet the needs of the student(s). I do offer support for people with very limited experience of landscape photography, who own just a simple compact digital camera. Then there are the days experience for the person who has recently bought their first SLR digital camera kit. I also cater for photographers who have been taking digital images with an SLR kit for some time and either want help with seeing a landscape scene in compositional terms and/or want to get into the invaluable system of filters for landscape. At the extreme end of the scale I have provided bespoke Workshops for serious enthusiasts who enter the advanced sections of Club/ Society competitions and who want to be more competitive. The most specialised support that I offer is a day's course on the use of a 24mm Tilt/Shift lens.

Personally, I have used Canon equipment for 40 years and Sony bodies for 2 years, but a great many of my past students have come for training with Nikon, or Pentax/ Leica equipment, and I have supported people who own Panasonic or Fujicolor equipment as well.


I am offering a full day of tuition, during which time we will visit a range of locations with excellent photographic potential. They will be a deliberate mix of famous beauty spots and lesser known sites.

You will be able to use some of my own camera equipment if you wish at no extra cost. This includes my Lee filters - 0.3, 0.6, 0.9 Graduated, 0.9 ND and Big Stopper 10X. You may also use my Gitzo carbon fibre tripod and ballhead.

Tuition and hands on experience will be provided on all aspects of landscape photography by digital capture or film. The following topics are addressed:

Choice and use of equipment and accessories

Guidance on preparation

Fundamentals of landscape photography - composition, exposure, colour, filters, sharpness, lighting, water in landscapes

Use of maps, compass, weather websites and guidance on the best forecasts for winter versus summer photography

Pre-visualisation in action

Guide to lesser known locations

Post-Processing guidance for raw capture, Photoshop/Elements enhancement and printing output

Obviously, what I can do for you depends on your exact needs and current status. Neither of us want to cover any common ground, nor do I wish for you to experience information overload!

Recent Workshop group members have found the guidance offered on the following techniques particularly useful:

The use of and need for all 3 graduated grey filters - the 0.3, 0.6 and 0.9. This would be married together with techniques for perfect exposure of ground and sky

The use of a 0.6, a 0.9 and a 10X BIG STOPPER ND filters would also be demonstrated. The exposure is chosen to maximise the quality and flexibility of the resulting digital file

Bracketing of exposures for future post - processing exposure blending techniques and/or HDR work

The creation of a variety of totally different images by varying the shooting height, position, time of day, season and lens choice from 16mm to 300mm

The crucial issue of foreground detail, especially when using a lens from say 16mm up to 35mm would be a key part of our coverage

Shoot landscapes also in the portrait format when appropriate

Using the compass, on-line weather services and certain weather conditions to maximize the quality of light through the seasons and the golden hours around sunrise and sunset

All field technique is inextricably linked to post processing work flow guidance in order to maximise the quality for screen, web or printing output. Hence, I also deal with colour profiles, the use of Adobe RGB/Adobe 1998 colour settings.

If one person wishes to attend a Workshop, then the cost will be £170.

Not included are any food and accommodation costs, and personal accident insurance.

If 2 people attend, the cost per person will be £140. If 3 people attend, the cost per person will be £110

A Group size of 3 will be my maximum for one day. I do not feel I can give the desired attention and help per individual to a larger group size.

If interested then please just get in touch and we can discuss your specific requirements and timings further.


Following any Workshop I also offer Post-Processing sessions based at my home.

These cost £30 per hour and the duration of the session(s) depends on your requirements

This allows us to cover all aspects of the digital workflow process. Software tuition would involve monitor calibration, the comparison of different raw convertors including Lightroom 4, the use of Adobe photoshop CS5 and experience in printing output using colour profiles and an Epson R3000 A3+ printer.

Feedback from previous group members can be found in my Guestbook.


If you would like to discuss your specific requirements then please comment below and REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS , or phone/text me on 07488 709339

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